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Emergency business operation support for your urgent business matters in China. More information.

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China SEM Setup

We set up your campaign to maximize incoming leads while minimizing the cost of low-quality keywords and ads. We get you up, running and optimized in as little as just one month.

Campaign Management

Competition in China is intense so we work daily to keep your company positioned at the top of the pack. You stay engaged and informed with our weekly reports and communications.

China Leads Qualification

As calls come in, our inside sales team fully engages callers qualifying each and every one of them before passing to your sales team to close the sale. We guarantee your satisfaction.
"We turn "clicks" into qualified leads … Unlike companies providing SEM management services, we sell B2B products everyday, both direct and through channels so we are dead serious about sales. Not only can we tune your campaign better, but we will turn incoming inquiries into fully qualified leads. All your salespeople will need to do is to provide timely follow-up and close sales." — Veli-Antti Ruismäki, GM China Sales Operations
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Add-on China SEM Services Available
  • WeChat promotion
  • Negotiation and transaction support
  • Distributor development
  • Marketing materials translations support
  • Logistics support
  • Turnkey sales team through our China Sales Incubator
  • Your need here

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