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"Sales hiring decisions are critical when doing business in China. If you get the right salespeople onboard, your chance for success will have increased immeasurably. Get the wrong ones, and your business is sure to suffer, and in many ways. Don't put your business in China at risk, instead let us help."

Top 5 mistakes western companies make recruiting Chinese personnel

  • Do not understand a thing about China, yet fail to enlist the support of experts who do … a big no-no!
  • Focus too much on technical and experience, and not enough on China-specific sales character attributes
  • Unrealistic expectations do not align with on-the-ground reality of China
  • Lock onto first candidate that speaks excellent English — for sure the dumbest mistake
  • Ask boilerplate interview questions and accept candidate's responses at face value
  • Do not involve trusted Chinese staff in the interviewing and hiring decision processes
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Rigorous process ensures you get the best candidates, and, save time and money

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Save yourself the pain of a bad hire by contacting us today. We'll find the best salespeople for your China team, period.

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