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China Rapid Entry Program

Ultra-fast China entry and startup sales plan

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Delivered at your site

China selling and business basics training followed by an in-depth discussion and analysis of your product and business.

Actionable deliverables

An actionable China entry and startup sales plan thoroughly reviewed with your team so no questions remain unanswered.

Done in China

Market, opportunity, product positioning and sales strategies analyses. Joint crafting of your China startup sales plan.

A little work now means less pain later.

We want to believe that what works in Mexico or Europe will work in China too, but that is usually not the case. So before you jump headlong into China, do some homework: Confirm your opportunity, ensure your goals and expectations reflect reality and, craft a viable startup plan. Such preparation will greatly increase your chance for success in China, we can help. Our Rapid China Entry Program will help ensure you understand and are prepared for a plunge into China.
Rapid China Entry Program works for direct, channel and hybrid (direct + channel) sales efforts. Our program lowers the cost and risk of your China entry planning. Contact us today to learn more.

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Business in China is complex, so don’t expect that at some point all will come into focus, because it won’t. Business here involves a steady stream of unforeseen and often unwelcome occurrences. The the trick is not planning away such occurrences, rather learning to better predict and deal with them, sometimes even exploit them. This requires companies to be open-minded, nimble and continuous learners over time. China is less a well-planned ground war and more an ongoing special forces campaign.

You can depend on us to help make your campaign successful.

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