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“China Sage has been key to our successful entry in China and remains key in managing our sales effort there. From recruiting and managing our China-based representative, helping manage the CCC safety certification process and representing us at Chinese trade shows or navigating through the cultural and commercial nuances of China, they are a valuable partner to us. They continue to help in establishing the Micro-weld brand in China under very competitive conditions.”

Bud Banks, President-CEO of Micro Products Company, IL, USA (Specialty Welding Machinery), 2011

"China Sage Consultants is fundamental to helping Lytron establish its long-term sales presence in China. They recruited and hired a well-qualified sales candidate for our highly technical product line. They advise us on market sales plan, potential field service providers, and manufacturing partners. As our China sales team, they work closely with us to manage our sales and overall business in China including advising us on critical strategic decisions. It would have been very difficult for us to find and pursue the project opportunities they have."

Mac Liu, China Sales Manager, Lytron, MA, USA (Engineered Thermal Control Solutions), 2011

"China wasn't on our radar, then we met China Sage. In a very short time, they learned our technology, represented us at a key trade show and signed on the right distributors. They are now working with distributors on several large highway projects and China is has become a strategic market for us. For all intents and purposes, China Sage provides us our own office. We would not be selling in China without them, it just would not be feasible for us at this time."

Vig Sherrill, CEO of Aldis Inc., TN, USA (Intelligent Traffic Systems), 2012

"We tried closing a deal in China for over a year without results, then we met China Sage Consultants. Enrolling in their China Sales Incubator program, we were up and running in minimal time and I believe with much less risk than we faced alone. They built up our business resources including a top-notch sales engineer, forged our market presence and closed enough sales to more than cover our investment in China in less than 12 months. We remained in the incubator program for nearly 7 years during which time China sales became more than 25% of the global total ultimately helping us to be acquired by a larger competitor."

Joe Lomask, President, Buxco Research Systems, NC, USA (Pulmonary Research Equipment), 2010

"Chris Wingo’s understanding of business in China has been vital as Fairmont expands its global footprint. Chris and China Sage lead us to solutions that work in China for recruiting, HR support, IT, insurance, sales, marketing and banking. His experience continues to help us plan for sustainable and responsible growth within the Chinese market. Navigating the very different rules, regulations and intangibles of doing business in China is no small feat. Guiding American businesses to success in such an environment takes an unusual blend of insight, strategic vision, resourcefulness and patience. Chris brings all of this to the table, and he's got a sense of humor too."

Rob Chandler, CEO & President at Thesys International, LLC., CA, USA (Private Education), 2103

"Chris and China Sage have a great business model to support new business entry into the China market. Chris asks great questions, works hard, follows through, is intelligent and gets the results. He has been very supportive of achieving our business objectives and has the skill to help us understand what we don't know (or have incorrect). There is a great variety of the necessary skills inside his organization and he simply gets the job done."

Alan Rudi, Catalyst for Innovation and Growth, Fairmont Private Schools, CA, USA, 2012

"I had the pleasure of working with Chris for many years at W.L. Gore & Associates. Without a doubt, Chris was a top performing sales leader and business development executive for the company in both the United States and the Far East. His commercial development skills, business acumen and ability to create and deliver sound strategic guidance and planning are truly world class. I can highly recommend Chris for any organization looking to partner with a leader in China or examining the options of expanding their business in the Far East"

Ken Walker, President - Compressor Products International; Group President - Engineered Products, 2015

".... we have contacted several of your client references, with consistently good feedback. We want to get back to you with a more detailed timeline and arrange another conference call to explore expectations. Things are moving in a very positive direction and I am optimistic for our collaboration with China Sage Consultants .... "

A Prospective Client, 2016

"I have recommended Chris Wingo and his company China Sage Consultants, to many U.S. firms which are considering either entry or expansion of their business activities in China by establishing operating locations. The virtually "end to end" services that China Sage offers, support by the very strong experience and expertise background of Chris and his colleagues, present a unique opportunity with proven results. China Sage Consultants offers more than a service - China Sage serves as a vital strategic business partner."

Randal Long, Adjunct Professor - Grad Program in Int'l Studies at Concordia University, CA, USA, 2012

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