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Whether planning to or already selling in China, our proven sales support programs are guaranteed to grow your business. Fast, simple, cost-effective, based on 20-years of China sales experience. More

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A short conversation with us could get your business on track in China. Contact us today to learn how we can help or refer you to someone who can. We’re fully committed to helping US companies succeed in China.

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There’s more to business success in China than just selling. Our expert consulting support can answer elusive questions and help solve even your most difficult China issues. More

Chris Wingo, Managing Director - China Sage Consultants

Back in 2003, I started China Sage Consultants to provide a better way for US organizations to sell and build their businesses in China. Since then, we’ve helped secure millions of dollars in sales for our U.S. and European clients all the while ensuring they weren’t taken for a ride.

With a solid foundation of direct B2B engineered product sales, our business has evolved to include distribution, educational programs and university student recruiting as well as Chinese outbound investment initiatives. Diverse, yes, but our unique model adapts to support whatever your business may be. Whether you need help with sales or other tough business issues, our capable team of experts can help.

If you are considering or struggling with a business in China, it behooves you to contact us and learn why so many other SMEs have chosen us to support their efforts here - even the U.S. Commercial Service has employed our services. Rest assured our American roots and hard-won China experience afford us a unique ability to understand both you and any situation you may be facing, and to help you determine your best path forward.

Wishing you smooth selling in China!

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Buxco Pulmonary Research Equipment
“In 2006, we tried closing a deal in China for over a year without results, then we met China Sage Consultants. Enrolling in their China Sales Incubator program, we were up and running in minimal time and I believe with much less risk than we faced alone. They built up our business resources including a top-notch sales engineer, forged our market presence and closed enough sales to more than cover our investment in China in less than 12 months. We remained in the incubator program for nearly 7 years during which time China sales became more than 25% of the global total ultimately helping us to be acquired by a larger competitor."

Joe Lomask, President, Buxco Research Systems, NC, USA (Pulmonary Research Equipment)

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“Business in China is complicated, so … don’t expect at some point all will come into focus because it won’t. Business here involves an ongoing stream of unforeseen often unwelcome occurrences - the trick is not trying to plan away such occurrences, rather learning how to predict and deal with them, sometimes even exploit them. This requires companies be open-minded, flexible and nimble, knowledgeable over time. Really, China is less a large-scale well-planned out ground war and more an ongoing special forces campaign.”

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