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Chris Wingo, Managing Director

From 1997 to 2002, I managed the sales and business development effort in China and Asia for a well-known U.S. environmental products company - not surprisingly, I experienced nearly every misunderstanding and misstep common among foreign companies trying to sell and do business here. I could not help but think there had to be a better way. Set on providing that better way, I established China Sage Consultants and our China Sales Incubator program. The year was 2003.

Since then, we have managed the China sales startups and delivered tens of millions in sales for a variety of U.S. and European clients. Countless hard work and knocks later, we now claim with confidence our ability to provide innovative and effective solutions for China's toughest sales and business challenges. Our support is so effective in fact that many clients rely on us for four, five and more years of sales support.

Our model enables us to support a wide variety of businesses. Starting with B2B engineered type products, we now also support distribution for specialty consumer products, educational programs, Chinese to US investments and Chinese university student recruiting initiatives.

If you are considering selling and doing business in China, it would be smart for you to give us a call. We will help answer your questions and gladly offer any useful advice we can. Even a short conversation is sure to help set you on the right path in China.
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Chris Wingo

What clients say …

"Chris Wingo’s understanding of business in China has been vital as Fairmont expands its global footprint. Chris and China Sage lead us to solutions that work in China for recruiting, HR support, IT, insurance, sales, marketing and banking. His experience continues to help us plan for sustainable and responsible growth within the Chinese market. Navigating the very different rules, regulations and intangibles of doing business in China is no small feat. Guiding American businesses to success in such an environment takes an unusual blend of insight, strategic vision, resourcefulness and patience. The China Sage team brings all of this to the table, and they’ve got a sense of humor too."

Rob Chandler, CEO & President at Thesys International, LLC., CA, USA (Private Education)

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